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Including Shoe Resoling Services

Count on the staff at Houston Quality Shoe Repair to provide you with exceptional shoe repair services. We can take care of all types of shoes, as well as provide repair services for leather jackets, luggage, and purses. If you live far away, you can even mail your shoes to us for repair and we will send them back. Call us at (713) 523-1255 to request our shoe resoling and purse repair services.

Shoe Repair
Houston Quality Shoe Repair offers a cornucopia of shoe repair services. We take care of high heel, rubber, shoe soles, and leather moisturizing to prevent cracking. Other services including reconditioning services for all types of shoes, as well as boot repair for Red Wing™, Rockport™, and Wolverine™ boots with Vibram™ soles. 
Purse Repair

 • Shoe, Belt, and Purse Color 
 • Relining Services
 • Broken Strap Repair
 • Cracked Leather Reconditioning  • Zipper Services

Luggage Repair

 • Reconditioning Services  • Handle Repair  • Damaged Zipper  • Wheel Replacement


Purse, Purse Repair in Houston, TX

Our Products:

 • Shine Kits
 • Heal Grips
 • Shoe Horns
 • Saddle Soap
 • Quick Shine™
 • Polish Dobber
 • Suede Cleaner
 • Shoe Shine Cloth
 • Air Cushion Insoles
 • Foot Cushion Halter
 • Kiwi™ Shoe Polish
 • Kiwi Repel Water Stains
 • Leather Soles and Heels
 • Tacco™ Heal Cushions

 • Tacco Leather Insoles
 • Ladies Shape for Tall Boots
 • Meltonian™ Leather Lotion
 • Boot Jacks to Take off Boots
 • Sure Sole for Outside the
 • 100% Horse Hair Shine 
 • Kiwi Fresh Force Shoe
 • 100% Cedar and Plastic
   Shoe Trees 
 • Kiwi All Protector for Rain and
 • Heal Saver and Heal Tabs
 • Meltonian Shoe Cream and
   Spray Paint
 • Leather Dye in Black, Navy,
   and Cordovan
 • Shoe Laces for Dress Shoes
   and Tennis Shoes
 • Kiwi Shine Sponges—Black,
   Brown, and Neutral
 • Reusable Lexol™ Conditioner
   and Applicator Sponges
 • Dyo™ Spot Remover for Gum
   on Suede Shoes and Carpet
Contact us in Houston, Texas, at (713) 523-1255 for more information about our shoe resoling and purse repair services.